Happy Hour - James Landing Grill 

(Please bring a guest)

4:30-6:00 pm    November 29th

1st, 3rd & 5th "Wednesday"

No registration required. Cash bar. Reduced drink prices end at 6:00 pm (order your second round early). Event generally lasts until 6:45 pm.

"For KCSA Clubs that use Kingsmill Resort Facilities, all members of the KCSA Club are welcome to use the facility during the function time. "

James Paige, PGA, VP Club Operations, Email 5.28.2022

Please remember to sign your HH ticket.  KYC Board has approved adding a 20% gratuity if you fail to sign your HH ticket.

Mounts Bay Recreation Center 6:00 PM

Sorry we are at capacity

Calendar of events

Nov 29 Happy Hour

Dec 6 Happy Hour

Dec 15 Beer Tasting and German Food (Sorry full house)

Dec 20 Happy Hour

Jan 21 Commodore's Ball, KM Resort Grand Ballroom

Click blue bar: Initiation $50/person

Dues $50/person

(Members joining after September 1, 2023 are paid up through December 2024)

To ask a question:  E-mail link   

Text:  757-707-6562

Current membership:

Singles 66

Couples 136

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Monitored by: Chris Munson and Duncan Ritchie 

The Kingsmill Yacht Club is open to all "Kingsmill residents".  Founded in 1976, the Kingsmill Yacht Club provides an enthusiastic group of members with a variety of opportunities for boating and socializing activities. The core element of membership is a love of waterborne sports whether enjoyed through boat ownership in the present or buoyed by memories of previous times afloat. In addition to various boating events in home or foreign waters, we organize a winter series of lectures on topics of marine interest and also summer trips on aquatic themes. Our Commodore’s Ball is a traditional feature of the Kingsmill year.