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 One of the many benefits of being a KYC member, according to a new member: “Membership in KYC gains you access to over 300 yacht and sailing clubs across the country through the Yachting Club of America." 

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Happy Hour - James Landing Grill 

May 7th "Tuesday"

(Please bring a guest)

4:30-9:00 pm 

1st, 3rd & 5th "Tuesday"

No registration required. Cash bar. Reduced drink prices end at 9:00 pm 

"For KCSA Clubs that use Kingsmill Resort Facilities, all members of the KCSA Club are welcome to use the facility during the function time. "

James Paige, PGA, VP Club Operations, Email 5.28.2022

Calendar of events

May 7 "Tuesday" Happy Hour JLG 4:30 to 6:00

May 21 "Tuesday" Happy Hour JLG 4:30 to 6:00

May 23 Movie Night (Sorry rescheduled to August 15, venue unavailable)

** May 31 Sightseeing Cruise 5:00 PM **

Jun 15 Picnic Wareham's Pond Recreation Center (KM Band) 4:00 to 7:00PM

Jun 30    KCSA Cardboard Boat Races at JLG Beach

Jul 4 Parade (Need your convertible) POC Roger and Gail

Jul Sunset Cruise

Jul 24 Lecture # 4

Aug 15 Movie Night # 2

Sep Nauticus bus trip

Sep Lecture # 5

Sep 14&15 W&M Kingsmill Cup regatta

Oct 15 or 16 Happy Hour & Decommissioning 

Oct Sunset Cruise

Oct 10 BierFest at MBR

Oct 29 Halloween Movie Night

Nov 11 Veterans Day presentation Chris Munson

Dec 9 Movie Night # 4

Future Lecture:   Battle of Guadalcanal

**Our first Jamestown Discovery cruise of 2024 is scheduled for 31 May, with the Jamestown Discovery Boat Tours departing at 5:00 pm from the Jamestown marina. The cost is $29 for adults and $28 for seniors and you can bring along the beverages and snacks of your choice. The boat accommodates 28 people. You should purchase your tickets individually via the Discovery Tours website . Scroll down to the Jamestown Sightseeing Tour window and select 31 May.  This event will be booked on a first come first serve availability.

 "The Kingsmill Yacht Club" Facebook Group 

Monitored by: Chris Munson and Duncan Ritchie 

The Kingsmill Yacht Club is open to all "Kingsmill residents".  Founded in 1976, the Kingsmill Yacht Club provides an enthusiastic group of members with a variety of opportunities for boating and socializing activities. The core element of membership is a love of waterborne sports whether enjoyed through boat ownership in the present or buoyed by memories of previous times afloat. In addition to various boating events in home or foreign waters, we organize a winter series of lectures on topics of marine interest and also summer trips on aquatic themes. Our Commodore’s Ball is a traditional feature of the Kingsmill year.

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